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Hair Sealant Oil


Sealant oil
Our oil is to keep your moisture sealed into your hair strands while wearing your protective styles before applying the extensions after shampooing them and for those who may need to use it during the time in between. Always apply your cream moisturizer first.

Shea oil, coconut oil, sweet almond shea nut, tea tree, peppermint, jojoba, glycerin, vitamin, grapeseed, and rosemary.

Recommended: protective styles and loc's keeping the moisture seal and lock in.
a.) Section hair in four or more section and apply a small amount of our moisturizer, massage in throughly into your hair and scalp before re - twist or hair extensions.
b.) Apply oil when needed to keep hair tangle free, without build up and with moisture.

Warning: If you have a super oily scalp you should not apply it to your scalp. If your scalp produce a little quantity of sebum, then you may need a extra bit of oil to your scalp. Applying oils to the scalp everyday is a big no - no and not very effective. Oils are not a moisturizer when using them you should use a water base mist or cream moiturizer before.