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Calming lavender hair lotion


Our baby hair lotion specifically formulated for our little ones hair and scalp, Infused with natural and organic ingredients; free of parabens, fragrances, alcohol and dyes. Light, creamy, smooth and gentle but effective.
The following benefits:
1.) Light and soothing to the scalp
2.) Softens and detangle the hair
3.) Hydrate and moisturize
4.) Reduce frizz
5.) Nourish the scalp & hair
6.) Sheen and shine
Distilled water
Jojoba butter
Coconut oil
Cocoa butter
Polysorbate 20
Sweet almond oil
Shea butter
Vitamin E
Lavender essential oil
Rosemary oil
Grape seed oil
Castor oil
Olive oil

Warning: if you baby has cadle cap please refrain from any baby oils or moisturizers, use a mild shampoo. Cradle cap may occur as a result of excessive oil production by skin glands surrounding hair follicles.
Cradle cap usually clears up on its own within a few months. A mild shampoo can help loosen and remove the scales. A medicated shampoo can help in severe cases. Take precautions always do a Hair strain test before use.

Directions - shampoo ( mild gentle sulfate free shampoo ) fragrance free products is best for babies 4 to 6weeks. After shampoo apply a fingertip into the palm of your hand massage into the scalp and hair throughly, wet or dry a little goes a long way. It can be use as a skin moisturizer as well.