Miss Beez organic hair care products is a system that cleanses the scalp while keeping the hair hydrated and moisturized. 

Our shampoo and conditioner formulated with some of the best natural ingredients, gentle surfactants and essentials oils. They are 78% organic sulfates, paragons, and fragrances free. 

Water is the primary ingredient in our moisturizers. There are two distinct kinds and three different sizes. The differences between the two - one has a stimulant and more water base than the other. They are creamy, light and absorb easily into  the scalp, hair stands and skin. Blend with butters and oils which contain many of the fatty acids, emollient and antioxidants that are beneficial to our hair and skin. Preservatives used in them are natural with fragrances. Only needed before styling hair is just a little. 

Our detangler is a leave in conditioner as well as a moisturizer for natural locked hair. 

Our oil is to keep your moisture sealed into your hair strands while wearing your protective styles before applying the extensions after shampooing them and for those who may need to use it during the time in between. Always apply your cream moisturizer first.