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Honey Almond Mint Moisturizer

$10.00 - $40.00

Water is the primary ingredient in our moisturizers. There are two distinct kinds and three different sizes. The differences between the two - one has a stimulant and more water base than the other. They are creamy, light and absorb easily into the scalp, hair stands and skin. Blend with butters and oils which contain many of the fatty acids, emollient and antioxidants that are beneficial to our hair and skin. Preservatives used in them are natural with fragrances. Only needed before styling hair is just a little.
Honey Nut Mint
Distilled water, Shea nut butter, jojoba, cocoa butters, grape-seed, castor , rosemary, vitamin E, C, and D, glycerin, peppermint, tea tree,polysorbate20, otiphen, Q-pearl, emulsifying.

Recommended: For hair porosity that is low or high, and slow growth. body aches and poor elasticity.
1. ) Apply shea peppermint before all protective styles and doing the time period keeping the scalp and hair hydrated and moisturized.
2. ) After having extension in your hair for five weeks do the moisturizing system
( shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer) keeping the hair and scalp healthy and with no build up.
3. ) Miss Beez moisturizers is great for keeping your ends sealed with moisture.