Zoie Lee Collections
3 years ago
Miss. Bee’s natural essentials is the best. It keeps my hair moisturized and help define my natural curls. I love it. ❤️ I recommend it to everybody.

Barbara Washington
3 months ago

Miss Beez has been the only hair care products I use on my locs for a few years, keeps my locs beautiful, healthy, hydrated, and manageable!!I love love love this line of products.

Miss Beez Natural Essentials is one of the best new hair products out. I use the full moisturizing system regularly and it has done wonders for my hair, keep it moisturized and growing over the years. I definitely recommend this product to women and men looking to keep their natural hair healthy.

Ships fast, great product, easy to use. These products helped me maintain healthy thick hair throughout my pregnancy and also helped prevent hair loss afterwards.

Trinette Harris

Awesome!! It's great when your stylist has a wealth of information about hair. She was able to give reasons as well as explanations regarding the issues I'm having with my hair. My hair combed through with ease after using Miss Beez Natural Essentials moisturizer.

Corey Scott
3 months ago
I use Miss Beez Natural Essentials in my lil man hair, it's truly has been doing a great job! Two years of using the product and look at the resolves

C Spencer
3 months ago
I've been using MissBeez Natural Essentials products since inception. I've worn numerous styles and these products do wonders in keeping them completely moisturized and looking great! I will not use anything else on my hair.

5 months ago
I will not use anything else on my hair but these products