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Sealant bundle


The sealent bundle is awesome for your locs keeping your locs moisturize, soft and manageable. Included with this bundle is the 4oz oil and either the 4oz fresh coconut lavender moisturizer or the 4oz honey nut mint moisturizer.
Fresh lavender - Distilled water, Shea butter, jojoba butter, lavender, cocoa butter, grape-seed, castor, rosemary, vitamin E, C, and D, glycerin, otiphen, polysorbate 20,emulsifying Q-pearl.
Honey nut mint - Distilled water, Shea nut butter, jojoba, cocoa butters, grape-seed, castor , rosemary, vitamin E, C, and D, glycerin, peppermint, tea tree,polysorbate20, otiphen, Q-pearl, emulsifying.
Hair oil - Shea oil, coconut oil, sweet almond shea nut, tea tree, peppermint, jojoba, glycerin, vitamin A & E, grapeseed, and rosemary.