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Honey Almond Mint Moisturizer

$10.00 - $40.00

Water being the primary ingredient creamy, light, smooth and easily absorbent stimulating to the scalp and soothing to the skin filled antioxidants, emollients fatty acids leaving the skin and hair soft and manageable, with natural preservatives and fragrance.

The following benefits :
1. ) Moisturize & hydrate the hair and skin
2. ) Treat dry itchy scalp and dandruff
3. ) Protect the hair from heat damage ( flat iron & blow drying )
4. ) Reduce frizz and help with hair loss
5. ) Maintain moisture preventing protein loss
6. ) Stimulate capillary growth in scalp in turns support hair growth
7. ) Prevent breakage and split ends.
8. ) Nourish and increase shine to hair leaving it soft and manageable
9. ) Purge the skin of toxins and protect it from damage caused by UV rays
10. ) Soothes and relieves muscular aches

Recommended: For hair porosity that is low or high, and slow growth. body aches and poor elasticity.
1. ) Apply shea peppermint before all protective styles and doing the time period keeping the scalp and hair hydrated and moisturized.
2. ) After having extension in your hair for five weeks do the moisturizing system
( shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer) keeping the hair and scalp healthy and with no build up.
3. ) Miss Beez moisturizers is great for keeping your ends sealed with moisture.